How Important is Fast Order Fulfillment This Christmas? (Redirect)

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Christmas is one the most exciting, and one of the most stressful, days of the year for most eCommerce retailers, and more so this year than any other in history. The National Retail Federation has projected that retail sales will climb 3.8 percent from last year to 469.1 billion this year, a record number. How important is the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment to taking advantage of that Christmas rush? eConsultancy surveyed holiday buyers in the UK to find out.

During Christmas 2010, 26.24% of customers ordering online for Christmas received late orders. While some of that can be attributed to poor weather in some parts of the country, slow fulfillment can also be the result of an inadequate fulfillment operation. The worst Christmas gift is a late Christmas gift, so it shouldn’t be surprising that 28% of respondents said they would not shop again at an online retailer if they received a late package. In other words, slow fulfillment can cost you almost a third of your potential future business. Even having festive holiday theme for your website, a good product, and strong customer service aren’t enough to offset the importance of getting orders to customers quickly.

If you fulfill your orders in-house, remember to keep your warehouses as organized and focused as possible during the holidays to avoid any errors. If you don’t want to worry about any of that, consider outsourcing your fulfillment to a service like Webgistix, which guarantees shipping within 24 hours and has a comprehensive 2-day delivery model.

Happy Holidays!