How Do I Get Better Logistics?

Get Better Logistics

For many sellers, managing logistics processes can be overwhelming. Whether it’s due to lack of experience or time, many businesses fall short in optimizing their shipping and fulfillment. As a result, they end up overspending and run the risk of making big mistakes. Improve the efficiency of your eCommerce shipping and order fulfillment with these three tips.

Create a Solid Plan

As we’ve seen in the past year, anything can happen. It’s crucial that your business has a solid operations plan that can overcome any challenge or crisis. This means planning out the full length of your shipping and fulfillment processes. Detail every step of the process from online order to front door delivery, and have a contingency plan. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the fewer off-the-cuff decisions you will have to make. You can more easily eliminate delays and even work to overcome supply chain challenges. 

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Find a Reliable Partner

eCommerce is growing at an unstoppable pace. Your shipping and order fulfillment can make or break your business. Keeping up with growing customer demands is imperative. Working with a reliable 3PL or shipping and fulfillment partner is the key to your success. These eCommerce fulfillment companies have access to carrier discounts,  large staff, and technology most businesses can’t afford on their own. Not only will you cut down your shipping cost per package, but you’ll also have more room for your incoming and outgoing inventory. Most 3PLs have access to multiple warehouses and can house your merchandise near your customers. With the right shipping partner, you’ll deliver fast and have room to scale your business.


Manual picking and packing  required in in-house shipping and fulfillment are not ideal for growing businesses. The more inventory you house on your own, the higher chance you have of mixing up orders. In-house methods also eat up a large chunk of your time. Instead of strategizing and focusing on sales, you’ll spend hours, even days, packing your own orders. Achieve an efficient system by automating your processes. Consider using an inventory management system that will provide you clarity on all your inventory and orders in real-time. Opt-in for pre-printed labels to help save you time when hand-packing orders. You may also want to think about outsourcing your shipping and fulfillment altogether. Professional shipping companies have many automated systems that your business can benefit from that will also help give you your time back.

In a world dominated by online shopping, your eCommerce business needs to have efficient shipping and order fulfillment. Great logistics results in happier customers and helps your business thrive.

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