[Guest Post] WaterCheck and Rakuten Super Logistics: Working Together for a Greater Good

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-We are pleased to present this guest blog post from valued RSL client, WaterCheck.biz-

Our business, WaterCheck.biz, has come a long way. We started with 2 products and 1 customer and now we have over 500 water-related products and over 10,000 customers all around the world. Plus, we began with the simple idea that we wanted to make a global difference by promoting the value and message of water.Since 2004, we have been building a successful e-commerce business, marketing the world’s best water related products, bootstrapping it all the way -- or in our case, scuba booting it all the way. But now, after many years of fortitude and determination, we are riding our wave and we want to scale, especially in the areas of product warehousing and fulfillment. But, the question was, where do we turn?That’s where our new partnership with Rakuten Super Logistics is way beyond beneficial. Through them we have been able to share some of the day-to-day business responsibilities. We’re also able to slash our shipping expenses and satisfy our customers with 1-2 day delivery to just about anywhere in the United States. RSL guarantees to ship out within one business day and ship with the correct type and number of the product.“Lets face it, in practical terms my family wanted our house back from the flood of products -- yes, as most e-commerce start ups, our house became our warehouse -- and we wanted to take our work for the important issue of water to the next level. We did not want to be the victim of fulfillment -- packing packages for 10 hours a day. Yes, we love our customers, and it was time to expand our team in the warehousing, fulfillment and logistics areas,” said Leslie Gabriel, CEO of WaterCheck.bizWhile we’re confident we offer our customers the best products in the industry, as an e-commerce business we also know that we can’t do it all on our own. In order to be successful and stand out online, we have to differentiate WaterCheck.biz in the e-commerce world, we sure as heck have to make sure we have the the best products, the best customer service and the best fulfillment and logistics systems in place to keep up with our orders. Most importantly, we have to be sure our products are delivered accurately and on time. That is where Rakuten Super Logistics is our superhero.RSL provides us with cloud-based fulfillment technology and, maybe more importantly, the highest level of service in the industry. It truly is a clear choice for established e-commerce companies, like us, who seek a highly accurate and reliable order fulfillment solution.Having that peace of mind allows us to focus more on what we do best — helping to share the message of water to the world.

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