Fulfilling Your Needs: Pooki’s Mahi is a True Partnership

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Pooki’s Mahi, our recent partner, is a 2014 Food & Beverage winning seller of award-winning teas, 100% Kona coffees and specialty food products from multiple channels. Their challenge: to find a strong and flexible partner to handle fulfillment while offering a competitive cost structure and the ability to manage expiration dates. Before selecting Rakuten Super Logistics, Pooki’s Mahi started selling on Amazon using Amazon Fulfillment to handle all sales orders in 2012 – but there were limitations.

“Amazon Fulfillment is great at the standard (PTO) orders, but it doesn’t handle any assembly (ATO) or custom (EATO) orders,” Pooki’s Mahi’s CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller said. “Custom orders are important to Pooki’s Mahi’s charities, wholesale customers and red carpet events it showcases its products to.”

Pooki’s Mahi has a great reputation and it’s our job to protect that. The company consistently outscores its competitors in Amazon and Rakuten’s marketplaces with a perfect score of 100% for shipping, service and feedback received. Its customers rave about its customer service, accuracy and speed of delivery.

“Pooki’s Mahi has always focused on three key functional areas: operations excellence, product quality and technology,” says Magsalay-Zeller. “Operations excellence is a top requirement for our customer base. We believe that to achieve operations excellence our supply chain ecosystem needs to be simple; it needs to be easy on the fulfillment partner.”

This relationship underscores our belief that fulfillment is a two-way street and etailers need a company that will grow with them, compliment them and never hold them back from growing as large as they want to be.

“We treat fulfillment as a partnership, and understand the increasing importance of providing quick and reliable shipping to customers across the world in order to continue to protect online merchants’ reputations,” said Joe DiSorbo, CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix). “Our 2-day delivery network continues to provide a reliable delivery network for Pooki’s Mahi merchants and customers.”

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