Fulfilling Holiday Expectations During Peak Season

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We know that the upcoming time of the year can be stressful – holiday events, year-end reviews, and shopping for the perfect gifts.  As an eCommerce retailer, you have additional holiday stress...  Do you have enough inventory for the busy season? Will you end the year in the black? Will your order fulfillment provider keep up with your customers’ demand?

There is a lot of pressure to deliver during the holidays. As a fulfillment partner, our focus is to ensure our clients keep up with the increased demand and meet customer expectations. Over the last 18 years, we’ve learned the key to eCommerce success during your peak season is simple: communication. Here are three aspects of communication to keep in mind for fulfillment that exceeds expectations during the busy holiday season:

1. The More We Know, the Better Equipped We Are to Help You

Tell us anticipated volume spikes, scheduled sales and promotions. This allows us to properly staff our fulfillment centers to accommodate all clients and their customers. If you'll be offering new products or SKUs we may not be familiar with, clearly communicate handling instructions we may pass on to our staff- this includes kitted products and marketing inserts. WIth the holiday rush, we want to make sure our staff is well informed and equipped to do their job efficiently to set you up for eCommerce success.

2. Proactive Communication Solves Problems

Communication with your client service team should be proactive and solutions-driven. If there is a mishap or a potential obstacle on the horizon, let's work together to find a solution and keep moving forward. Tensions can increase during peak seasons with pressure to perform, but it's important to remain calm and focused to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Let’s learn from our experiences and use those lessons to propel us forward to eCommerce success this holiday season.

3. Communicate Order Updates ASAP

Your order management platform must be in sync with our system. Review your integration and be sure you understand the lifecycle of an order once it is placed in your store. While we have the ability to make manual changes to orders received, our goal is to process orders as quickly as possible. There is little time to make updates or holds to orders once they reach our system. Ideally, order updates should be made in your shopping cart or order management system before they reach our warehouse, to promote efficiency and order accuracy.

Customers are counting on you to deliver gifts to loved ones this holiday season and it's our job to not let them down. By keeping communication top of mind, we can finish the year strong and have an excellent holiday fulfillment season. We look forward to a successful Q4 and beyond.