Does Fast Shipping Drive Higher Revenue?

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As an eCommerce business owner, customer satisfaction, sales increase, and product delivery should be your top priority. These factors are not only determinants of your business success but also growth rate. With the ever-changing consumer habits when it comes to the purchase of goods, it's best that you be on your toes and adapt effectively. This will boost your sales and ultimately help you grow your brand.

One of the ways you can do this is through fast shipping. Unfortunately, this is one of the areas that get less attention from many sellers. It is always forgotten until customers start complaining about delays or ask for tracking numbers.

You don't have to operate this way! We explore effective ways to help your eCommerce business drive higher revenue through fast and accurate shipping.

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Why Fast Shipping Matters

According to a survey done by Statista in 2020, 65% of U.S consumers expected online stores to deliver their orders in two to three days.

Another study from WARE2GO indicates that 69% of consumers are more likely to click on a display advertisement that mentions fast/free shipping. 77% said they were likely to purchase a product if it could be delivered in 2 days or less.

The above consumer statistics prove that clients need fast deliverability of goods. But the big question is, are you doing enough to deliver your goods faster to your clients? Are you seeing the potential that is at hand in you churning in more money and clients?

Four Benefits You'll Reap From Fast Shipping

Fast shipping is more than just ensuring your customers get their goods on time. Here are 4 benefits you stand to gain from implementing it.

  • Customers Receive Orders Faster

Nothing satisfies a client more than when an ordered product is delivered on time or much earlier. They will not only appreciate your services but also want to purchase more from your business.

  • You'll Be Able To Retain Customers and Attract More

Clients prefer to do business with sites that have an incredible reputation and quick service delivery. Therefore, fast delivery will enable you to build trust and retain your clients. Afterward, your clients will likely refer you to their friends, resulting in multiple orders from referrals.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied client is the pride of every business. Nowadays, it's not enough to have a great product. How your customers receive their orders and in what condition also plays a significant role in their satisfaction. If your eCommerce business does an excellent job in order fulfillment, you'll probably receive more orders from the same client.

  • Affordable Delivery Services

Clients who want their orders faster are willing to pay more for such services. Your objective is to find a system that can deliver goods quicker and at lower costs than your competitors. Try out our revolutionary shipping solution, Xparcel. Get fast and accurate shipping at a low cost, making both you and your customers happy.

After going through the above benefits, you may be asking yourself, "How do I get my products to customers faster?" That's where a 3PL (third-party logistics company) comes in.

A 3PL is a logistics company that handles the storage and shipping of your inventory. We are experts in packaging, shipping, and delivery of orders quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of using a 3PL:

  • Fast shipping
  • Specialized to provide support to eCommerce businesses
  • Can handle any size business growth and custom orders
  • Have state-of-the-art technology

Integrating Your Online Shopping Cart With a 3PL

After selecting a reputable 3PL company, you should integrate your shopping cart with them. This will enable them to track your orders, package, store, and transport them to your required clients.

Benefits Of Partnering With a 3PL Company To Handle the Shipping and Order Fulfillment

  1. It gives your company time to focus on its core competencies instead of trying to manage non-core but critical functions.
  2. Your business can enjoy the benefits of logistical expertise without deploying internal resources.
  3. They offer scalability and flexibility, e.g., using supply and distribution resources based on current business needs.
  4. Enable growth and expansion of your eCommerce business. They enable you to reach markets where you don't have an established presence.
  5. Your business gets access to expertise and experience in logistics.

Are You Leveraging the Benefits of Fast Shipping?

Partnering with a 3PL company is the right move for your eCommerce business. And at Rakuten Super Logistics, we can help you grow and reach more markets through our ground-breaking technology, Xparcel, using our extensive network of national and regional shipping carriers and strategically placed fulfillment centers.

Learn how outsourcing to Rakuten Super Logistics can reduce your shipping and fulfillment costs while delivering fast and accurate order fulfillment to help your online business drive more revenue. Request a quote here.