eCommerce YOLO Phenomenon Inspires Start Up Growth

eCommerce YOLO Phenomenon

In the US, millennial workers are saying goodbye to the traditional workforce. Instead, they’re looking for fulfillment in their eCommerce hobbies. After over a year behind a screen, hopping from one Zoom call to the next, this generation is burned out on corporate work-from-home life. Some don’t want to return to the office at all. They’re ready to turn their side hustles into full-time gigs. This is known as the YOLO phenomenon.

eCommerce YOLO Phenomenon

A recent Microsoft survey found that more than 40 percent of workers globally were considering leaving their jobs this year. Globally, the pandemic has helped people see what’s truly important to them. And many have decided that 9-5 just doesn’t fit their ideal lifestyle any longer. With extra cash on hand from less travel during shutdowns and stimulus checks, their pockets are burning to try something new as an eCommerce seller.

“We’ve all had a year to evaluate if the life we’re living is the one we want to be living,” said Christina Wallace, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School quoted by New York Times. “Especially for younger people who have been told to work hard, pay off your loans and someday you’ll get to enjoy your life, a lot of them are questioning that equation. What if they want to be happy right now?”

This idea of freer living isn’t just subject to specific industries. Professionals in all areas are happily saying goodbye to their standard ways of life.

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Seller Success Stories

Although this YOLO phenomena sounds risky, many new business owners are reaping the rewards. RARA Club is a cannabis beauty brand that launched in 2020. Their lash and brow serum “You Grow Girl” was a hit! Within the first six months of their launch, they say a 15% week over week growth.

Even essential workers exhausted by their day-to-day lives are turning to eCommerce as their saving grace. 1012 Candle CO CEO Kassanda was a full time essential worker in the northeast. After spending 40+ hours a week serving others, she realized she was neglecting her own life. As a result, she launched her online business in March 2020 and was able to fully walk away from her essential career by the fall. 

“I quit my full time job and committed myself 100% to my business. I am my own graphic designer, marketer, website developer, accountant, salesperson, creator,” said Kassandra. “And I’ve sold over 1,600 products in 15 states across the US.!”

eCommerce YOLO fever is still lingering nearly halfway through 2021. And with the demand on eCommerce showing no signs of slowing, you can expect to see new businesses popping up.

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