Building Partnerships that Last: Octoly and Rakuten Super Logistics

At Rakuten Super Logistics, order fulfillment is more than just packing a box and sending it out the door. We see order fulfillment as a path to building a true partnership with our clients, that means going above and beyond to solve problems and create opportunities.

We recently had the opportunity to give back to the community with one of our partners, Octoly, a major influencer marketing platform currently working with Rakuten Super Logistics to ship products to influencers around the world. Partnership Manager—Jason Morgan, led the initiative to donate boxes of product to a local cause outside of our New York facility.

“I am pleased to share that in partnership with Rakuten Super Logistics, our client Octoly and their customer, a luxury beauty brand, have graciously donated a good amount of product (makeup and supplies) to a local CABOCES Cosmetics department located in Western New York,” said Jason.

Cattaraugus-Allegany Board of Cooperative Educational Services (CABOCES) partners with local and surrounding school districts in south western New York State to offer a wide variety of programs to students of all ages.

“I was pleased to deliver the product to the BOCES educational institution wherein the cosmetics instructor and her students were more than pleased to accept these supplies,” added Jason. “I was lucky enough to see and work with the instructor as well as several of her students and can attest “Christmas came early” to so many impressionable people!”

The donated product will reach many high school age and adult education students, while going to great use supporting and leaving a positive impression of both Octoly and their luxury beauty brand customer with aspiring cosmetologists.  

This recent opportunity to bridge our client with the local community is just one example of our desire to build partnerships that last, not only with our great clients—but with the inspiring communities where we’ve established our 15 fulfillment centers and counting.

Find Out What a True Partner in Order Fulfillment Can Do

When it comes to order fulfillment, we believe creating a long-term partnership is key to smart fulfillment. At Rakuten Super Logistics, we take the time to understand your business and work towards developing a customized solution to help you reach your long-term goals and accelerate growth. If you're ready for the start of a beneficial partnership, we'd love to hear from you!