The Benefits of Using Multiple Facilities for eCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment

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For many retailers, eCommerce shipping and order fulfillment can be the most overwhelming part of their businesses. Managing picking, packing, and shipping from one location will eat up all of your time and resources. You also run the risk of shipping delays and limited storage space. A network of fulfillment centers is the answer. By utilizing multiple warehouses to manage your orders, your business can increase the efficiency of your shipping process and eliminate excessive costs.

Lower Costs

One major benefit of using multiple warehouses: proximity to your customers. The closer you are to your shoppers, the less time your packages will spend in transit and the more money you will save. Additionally, you will also have access to local carriers that can help cut your overall shipping costs even more. Overall, you will spend less getting your items from the warehouse to your customers’ doors and put more money back in your pocket.

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Expedite Transit

We live in an impatient world. Consumers expect their orders to arrive within the blink of an eye. Although instant gratification may not currently exist, you can increase the speed of your delivery. In an in-house business model, retailers are subject to sending products out from one location. For those customers that live in town, delivery is quick. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for shoppers that live anywhere else in the US. Multiple warehouses are the solution to this problem. Using a network of fulfillment centers, you can have your products located closer to your customers. This allows all of your shoppers to receive their orders in 1-2 business days no matter where they live.

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One of the biggest struggles for growing retailers is warehousing merchandise. When sales are soaring, your business will likely outgrow your home storage.  You will have to quickly move all your merchandise to a rented unit  as a result. Unfortunately, you will soon realize that your rented space will not last either. The only way to ensure full scalability is to have access to a wide network of warehouses. Using multiple facilities ensures that you will never run out of space for your products, especially during high volume peak seasons.

In addition to cost, scalability, and improved transit times, using multiple facilities can help your business improve overall shipping performance. With enough room to store and organize your merchandise, you won’t have to worry about making avoidable mistakes such as mixed-up orders or late deliveries. As a result, you can consistently give your customers the best shopping experience and ensure they remain loyal to your business.

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