A Foolproof Formula To Easily Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

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If you ask 10 conversion experts the quickest and easiest way to improve your eCommerce conversion rate, you’ll likely get 10 different answers.

Any number of things can be responsible for a poor eCommerce conversion rate.

Bad website design. Incorrectly targeted ads. No unique selling proposition.

The simple truth is that every issue with online sales conversion rates is different.

There is only one foolproof method for improving eCommerce conversion rates that works no matter what kind of issues you have.


Major companies like Google, Amazon, and Walmart, as well as almost every effective eCommerce operation out there, vigorously and constantly test features of their websites to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Simple right? But you’d be surprised how many online retailers don’t test their websites, ads, or e-mail marketing. Here are a few common conversion problems that testing makes short work of.

Targeting the Wrong People.

Most diligent online retailers will know their target market. Correctly appealing to that target market, however, is a different story. For example, does your market prefer to hear about price, quality, or features? It’s not uncommon that people create ads or email campaigns that bring in a lot of traffic, but not many conversions. Though this can be due to any number of reasons, it is most likely due to hitting a note your target market isn’t interested in. You won’t get conversions if you bring in people interested in price, but most of your converting customers are actually interested in number of features. The simplest solution is to test different ads and emails with different appeals to find out which ones stick.

Un-Optimized Websites.

Studies have shown that the look of a website is incredibly important in encouraging people to stay on the page. But how does someone tell if a website is attractive to their customers? Most judge their websites based on their own preferences and taste. As it turns out, what looks good to you might not to your customers. It comes down to a simple question; what’s more important to you, a page that looks great to you, or a page that converts? Assume nothing and test everything. The change of a single graphic can affect the eCommerce conversion rate of a website by 50% or more. This doesn’t just apply to the aesthetics of the site, but also to the usability.

Improperly Marketed Products.

There are dozens of other factors you need to be aware of, even when you’re hitting your target market and have an effective website. Perhaps the most important is how you are marketing your product. Good ads and attractive websites can’t help you if you’re selling a bad product, or you are not offering anything unique over the competition. That includes pricing, visibility, and variety. But there’s a clear solution to fix that problem too. It’s…

Well, you already know what I’m going to say, don’t you?

Make sure you test every major piece of your website and marketing against one another, and then implement those with the best results.

Done properly, your conversions can only go one way: Up.

Do you test your website?

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