A Few Proven Retail Strategies To Increase Online Sales

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What determines how fast your eCommerce site grows?

Sometimes it’s not how much you spend on advertising, or how you advertise, but where. If you’re an experienced online store owner, you probably already know the basic inbound marketing channels. The first is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the primary way most people will find your site. A consistent investment in this area will result in a constant stream of visitors. Another is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), which can work especially well if you sell a certain type of product, like shoes, apparel, or electronics. But there are other, extremely effective marketing channels and online retail strategies that online retailers can use to generate huge sales. In fact, some of these channels have been used to build multi-billion dollar businesses. Read on to learn more tools for how to increase sales online.

Leverage Social Media To Increase Online Sales Through Customer Referrals

With how much social media is mentioned around the web these days, you’ve probably heard how important social media can be to your online retail strategies. But have you learned how to increase online retail sales using social media? Many marketing “gurus” suggest you sell directly on your Facebook page. After all, there is a huge audience for it, right? Not according to the research. In fact, studies have found that a vast majority of social media users won’t buy on social media! There’s a reason why Nordstrom, JCPenney, and Gap have all pulled out of “F-Commerce.” But research has also found that consumers are 71 percent more likely to buy based on social media referrals. Therefore, make it extremely easy to share content on products, promotions, and contests on your social media page. One way to increase sales online is to give incentives, such as raffles, to share your content. The more customers and bigger your social media presence, the more this can make an impact on your overall sales. Learning how to increase online sales fast with social media could be huge for your business.

Coupons Are Still A Critical Component Of Retail Marketing

Who in the world uses coupons anymore, especially for online stores? As it turns out, most of your customers. One thing that hasn’t changed since ancient times is that people love a good deal. And nothing says a good deal like a guaranteed discount. It’s also easier to give away coupons than ever before, given how simple it is to enter a discount code or click a link in an e-mail to redeem one. People used to have to cut them out! If you are gathering your customers’ e-mail addresses, ask them if they want to be included in further promotional offers. Then send out periodic coupons for products that need the extra nudge. You might be surprised to see just how much response you can get with a decent coupon. Of course, make sure that you are including a good selling message so people actually want to buy the product! You can even send online coupons through direct mail. An e-mail message that works will mean almost certainly mean a direct mail message that works. As most online retailers forget the world that exists outside the internet, you would have a huge advantage if you were able to learn how to increase online sales with direct mail.

To summarize, don’t neglect your SEO and PPC initiatives. In almost any case, they will still be the main source of traffic and sales for your business. But sometimes it’s not enough to sit back and let customers come to you. Learning how to increase online sales fast with email, direct mail, social media, and other retail sales strategies will allow you to be proactive in attracting new business. When was the last time you used a coupon?

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