5 Tips For Record-Setting Holiday Sales

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Holiday sales bring in 30 - 40% of the entire year’s profit for many eCommerce sellers. Is your business prepped and ready to sleigh the upcoming holiday season? Boost your sales and ensure a flawless shopping experience for all of your customers. Here are five ecommerce holiday sales tips that can help you reach record-breaking profits on all of your holiday merchandise (and be sure to read our eBook on eCommerce tips for holiday season success).

Offer Freebies

Whether it’s free shipping or free gift wrapping, the word “free” can go a long way for many holiday shoppers. Consumers expect holiday sales and exclusive offers. If your business is unable to meet their needs, they’ll likely head to a retailer that can. 88% of consumers are more likely to buy from a store if shipping is free. Can you offer free shipping on purchases that meet a specific price threshold? Will you give free shipping on popular items? Consider what special offer your online store can give that will increase your overall profit and show consumers that you value their business.

Create a Landing Page for Popular Items

Are there a handful of items customers are constantly searching for on your site? Drive sales for these popular products by creating a central location for consumers to purchase them. You can also take a look at your top items from previous sales throughout the year and consider adding them to this page. Gathering the items they are searching for in one central location while also providing relevant recommendations will encourage them to add a few more items to their shopping carts. 

Diversify Fulfillment

One of the many lessons eCommerce sellers have learned in 2020 is to avoid relying on one source for their order fulfillment. By using multiple fulfillment strategies, your business can ensure all of your holiday merchandise arrives on-time and is fulfilled correctly. Utilizing the support of an outsourced shipping partner can also eliminate the stress of warehousing your products, packaging them, and shipping them out before carrier deadlines.

Deliver A Clear Return Policy

75 percent of holiday shoppers look at a brand’s return policies before making a purchase. Consider learning the frequently asked questions from your customers and using those to create a returns informational page. This will provide your consumers with a clear expectation of how your business will manage returns, so they can feel confident in their purchases.

Stay Positive

Happy shopping experiences for consumers means they can easily find the products that are looking for, your site is user-friendly, and your customer care team is helpful. The better experience you can offer to holiday shoppers, the more likely they are to turn into loyal customers throughout the rest of the year. Loyal customers are 5x more likely to buy again and 4x as likely to recommend a brand to someone they know. Responding quickly and positively goes a long way during the holiday season.

With so many more consumers turning to online businesses to fulfill their holiday shopping needs, your eCommerce store has the opportunity to outperform all of your previous Q4 sales. By creating a seamless shopping experience and meeting all of your customer’s needs, you can easily reach record-setting numbers. 

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