5 Fulfillment Trends We'll Be Talking about at IRCE

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We’re shipping out to Chicago. On June 10th, Webgistix is headed to IRCE, the premiere event for eCommerce and online retailing. This once-yearly get together is more than just a place to see the latest trends in online selling, it’s also where new technology is unveiled and we get a glimpse of what’s ahead for 2014.

While everyone will likely be buzzing about mobile trends, user experience and the latest developments in social media shopping, at Webgistix we’re focused on one thing: Making sure that merchandise gets from point A to point B. Logistics is the unsung hero of the eCommerce world. Often, it doesn’t get its due until a merchant hears from customers who haven’t received what they ordered. We know it better than anyone: An online retailer is only as good as its shipping.

We’re looking forward to meeting new customers and showing them shipping options beyond Amazon’s warehousing and delivery model. We’re also ready to share the latest details about:

  • Software – We’re rolling out new updates that will improve multi-channel support and further empower merchants who utilize our warehousing and fulfillment services.
  • Worldwide reach – We’re all a part of the global marketplace. Are you participating? Not every logistics company can offer accuracy and efficiency when it comes to shipping goods to customers all over the world. If you can’t ship seamlessly from Toronto to Taipei, then you’re missing out on millions customers.
  • Where you ship from matters – Not all warehousing and fulfillment services solutions are created equal. Smart shipping means your customers get what they need when they want it.
  • Technology – Your e-commerce company is only as good as the technology that powers your retail supply chain. Weak links and outdated software will slow down delivery and lead to disappointed customers.
  • New look – Last but not least, we’re excited to unveil our new logo and rebranded look. Details to come, this is the latest step in expanding our capabilities to establish ourselves as the most sophisticated and cutting edge warehousing and fulfillment services solution for your business.

Chicago skyline CC BY 2.0