4 Tips for Successful Cyber Sales for Your Salt Lake City Business

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Historically, Cyber Monday has been one of the biggest days of the year for eCommerce businesses. Salt Lake City shoppers will be anticipating even bigger sales on this day than on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Here are four tips to help online retailers maximize Cyber Monday sales

Offer Exclusive Discounts

Consumers love discounts and expect quality ones during holiday sales. Cyber Monday is a chance to help your Salt Lake City customers complete their shopping by purchasing exclusively from your business. One way to incorporate discounts is through bundling. Add additional savings for shoppers that purchase multiple items from the same category. For example, if you focus on electronic items, add a discount for purchasing batteries or cords needed for that gift. 

Future incentives are another great way to keep holiday shoppers coming back for more. When consumers make a purchase during Cyber Monday sales, offer them entrance into a loyalty program. This can offer exclusive sneak previews of new releases and discounts or free gifts with certain purchases. Many retailers use a point system that gives discounts to consumers once they acquire a certain threshold. This method will keep your Salt Lake City customers incentivized to keep shopping all year round.

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Create a Cyber Monday Sales Page

Grab shoppers’ attention by creating a landing page for your Cyber Monday sales. This establishes a central location for your customers to shop from and provides the opportunity for you to upsell by offering other recommended products. These pages can be categorized by type of product, who the gift is for, and even price. The longer your customers spend on this page, the more likely they are to purchase multiple items from your eCommerce store. 

With a high volume of traffic coming to this page, be sure to double-check your site speed and checkout process as well. In order to increase your Cyber Monday profits, you must make the customer experience as seamless as possible. 

Create a Countdown Timer

Everyone loves a countdown. You can advertise your Cyber Monday sales on your website and other digital channels by creating a countdown timer. Not only will you build anticipation for Cyber Monday sales, but you’ll also increase traffic to your site and interest in your other products. Although your Salt Lake City customers may be waiting for your exclusive cyber discounts, they may also start filling their shopping carts with other merchandise while they wait.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is one of the most important aspects of your holiday sales. Consumers are five times more likely to shop from a retailer that offers free shipping. One way to increase profits while offering steep shipping discounts to your Salt Lake City shoppers is to implement thresholds. Consumers will likely add additional items to their shopping carts if they’re trying to reach a certain dollar amount for free shipping. Many retailers choose thresholds between $25 and $50, while others lean more towards the higher end of $100 or more. These thresholds are based on your company’s inventory. The goal is to maximize your revenue by enticing shoppers to make larger purchases. Free shipping won’t work if you’re losing money on every purchase. 

Cyber Monday is fast approaching, and Salt Lake City shoppers have already started loading their carts. This peak season is your chance to have the most profitable quarter yet and turn all of your holiday shoppers into loyal customers.

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