4 Holiday Shipping and Fulfillment Tips You Must Use

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How you deal with your eCommerce order fulfillment over the holiday season will affect your business in those crucial peak months, which will also have an affect on your business in the long run. History is scattered with examples of companies that have missed sales growth opportunities and profits because of mismanagement during critical times. For online retailers, getting a plan in place and taking the first steps early is vital to successful eCommerce holiday fulfillment. In this blog post, we take a look at four easy eCommerce shipping tips that will have your business ready to go this holiday season.1. Set GoalsYour company’s goals must be clear, measurable and concisely communicated throughout your organization. One of the most critical roles of a leader is to identify the goals for the organization. In fact, many would say that goal setting is one of the most important functions of leadership. Goals guide your organization towards moving, evolving and striving for more. In an ideal situation, the organizational goals you create for your holiday season will focus and direct the work and efforts of every employee. Your holiday goals should be focused on growth and rooted in reality – look to current trends and past performance to identify what your eCommerce business can achieve. 2. Make Freight Arrangements ASAPIt is no good waiting until the holiday season starts to begin finding your eCommerce order fulfillment partners. Making those partnerships early gives you time to work with your new partners and ensure that every detail is worked out before those orders start coming in. A bad freight relationship can ruin a holiday season. SmartFreight™ is an all-in-one, turn-key freight service available to all Rakuten Super Logistics clients. With SmartFreight™, you can improve your holiday freight operations, potentially saving and time and money, while outsourcing the entire process.3. Hire CarefullyMany eCommerce businesses can expect to see their order volumes go up by as much as ten times or more during the holiday season. The only way they will be able to meet the demand is to increase their staff. However, knowing that the tasks of shipping and fulfillment are easily trained, many eRetailers make the mistake of hiring any warm body that comes through the door. Unfortunately these business owners often experience the pain caused by just one bad hire with a negative attitude, poor work ethic and/or incompetency. These negative traits can have a devastating effect on the overall performance of a team and even the entire organization. With Rakuten Super Logistics you never need to worry about hiring a bad apple that spoils everything for the rest of your valued staff. The professional workforce at our industry-leading fulfillment warehouse facilities will ensure that your orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately every time, regardless of how many you sell.4. Reduce Costs to Increase ProfitsWhen it comes to making money, your choices are to sell more products and/or reduce costs. However, for many eRetailers, selling more often translates in higher costs as well. The key is to increase your profit margins. And the easiest way to increase your profit margins is to find viable ways to reduce your costs. Handling eCommerce holiday fulfillment can be stressful, but that does not mean that you should over spend to get through those intense few weeks. Now is the best time to take advantage of opportunities to save on costs, which will allow you to maximize your holiday profits.How Can Rakuten Super Logistics Help?In addition to these easy eCommerce shipping tips, Rakuten Super Logistics 2-day delivery model, responsive customer service and 100% accuracy guarantee give you the highest quality fulfillment in the industry at the lowest possible cost. If you need some more holiday shipping tips, or you’re just looking to step up your holiday order fulfillment, click here or call 1-866-955-7793 and put your 2014 holiday profits in overdrive.

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