4 Hacks to Increase eCommerce Sales Without Spending a Dime

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This is a guest post written by Skubana, an all-in-one ERP system and operations platform designed for high volume sellers to run and automate their business.

How do you boost conversion rates and increase eCommerce sales when your marketing budget is already stretched? Despite conventional wisdom, you don’t always have to spend money to make money. In fact, with a bit of know-how, time, and ingenuity you can learn how to increase eCommerce sales without spending a dime.1. Leverage Email AutomationEmail automation and personalized email nurture sequences are a great way to increase eCommerce sales. Once you’ve captured a visitor’s email you can reach them at any time, and with that power comes the opportunity to increase sales and improve the customer experience at the same time. Two email sequence types in particular will help you boost online sales.

The irresistible abandoned cart sequence

According to a SaleCycle report, the global cart abandonment rate for Q3 in 2017 sat at 78.4%. Common reasons for abandonment included: just looking, issues with shipping, and price comparison.

Common Reasons for Cart Abandonment RSL

These stats present a big opportunity for the smart seller. You can craft an email sequence that addresses several of the big reasons for leaving before completing the purchase.Shipping issues is probably the easiest to remedy-- you can send an email with a free shipping voucher that’s only valid for a limited time like the next 48 hours. This way, you simultaneously address a common reason for abandoning cart and create urgency in order to boost conversion rates. Other emails in the sequence could offer an online-only discount to capture the in-store buyers or highlight your affordability to get to customers doing price comparisons. Even recovering a small percentage of these visitors will boost conversion rates for your online store, which will have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Personalized nurture sequences for existing customers

Woo your existing customers with helpful, value packed nurture email sequences. Divide customers into segments in your CRM based on purchase behavior and write a sequence that addresses specific problems and offers useful products unique to each segment.The key to a great sequence is to make sure it strikes the balance between genuinely helping the customer and promoting your product. Add as many personal touches as possible, from always using the customer’s name to making content suggestions based on past purchases and stated interest.

2. Add Social Proof to Multiple Funnel Touch Points

Before a customer puts an item in their cart, heads over to the checkout section, and actually follows through, they go through multiple touch points on the buyer’s journey.Every stage is an opportunity to build trust and boost conversion rates. Around 77% of buyers read reviews before commiting to the purchase. Make this easier by weaving customer reviews, testimonials, and success stories through various part of your funnel. Each bit of social proof cements the idea that buying from you is the best choice.User generated content is another great way to show social proof.

Zennioptical Instagram Screen shot

Zenni Optical, an eyeglass e-commerce business, does a great job of asking for --and using-- UGC. They ask customers to use the hashtag #justgotmyzennis and share snaps of their glasses on Instagram. The Zenni marketing team then shares favorites on their brand Instagram profile with the glasses style number for easy shopping. They also use UGC in various places on their website.This strategic use of user content turns existing customers into brand advocates and builds trust with potential buyers. Think about how you can leverage UGC for your own brand and use it to build trust with your customer base in order to boost conversion rates and increase eCommerce sales.

3. Use Video Content

Whether it’s product demonstrations, an explainer video, or a demo, your customers want to see more video. The proof is in the numbers-- 43% of consumers want businesses to create more video content and 4 out of 5 customers believe that product videos are super important.If you haven’t made video an active part of your content marketing strategy now is the time to add it.Contrary to popular belief, producing effective video doesn’t have to cost you a dime. You can shoot a product video on your phone and use free video editing software to add some polish. Or, you can use Vidyard’s free tool GoVideo to create a demo or an explainer video using your computer’s camera. Make sure that any video you create is mobile optimized, experiment with using it in different places on your site, and track the results.

4. Optimize Your Listings

Are you losing sales because your product listings aren’t up to scratch? It’s time to go beyond keyword research and on-page SEO and really make your product description speak directly to your ideal customer.First, you need to discover exactly what made customers buy a specific product over the alternative. The best way to do that is to just ask. You can create a short survey, questionnaire, or just send an email. Once you know what’s driving the sale you can work on incorporating this into your listing.Focus on product benefits and weave them into an irresistible story. Fashion brand J Peterman has been selling products through the power of their copy and storytelling since the very beginning. Instead of a traditional listing, each product has an accompanying story that paints a very vivid picture.

Argentinian Leather Bag Screenshot RSL

You don’t have to go full Peterman to use the benefits of storytelling to increase e-commerce sales. Use the results of the customer purchase surveys alongside your ideal client profiles, and keyword research to create product descriptions that tap into the buyer’s emotions and go beyond the basics.

Increase eCommerce Sales by Focusing on Your Assets

You can boost conversion rates in order to increase eCommerce sales without expensive ads and massive outbound campaigns. Focus on improving and polishing up the assets you already have.Start with the four hacks we shared and measure the results. After the initial implementation, set up A/B tests so you can tweak your email sequences, content, and product descriptions and keep improving your results.If you want to know more about how to increase eCommerce sales, Rakuten SL can help you simplify your ordering and shipping so you can focus on your strategy. Contact us today!