3 Ways a 3PL Can Save You Money

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As your business grows, managing shipping and fulfillment through in-house methods is exhausting and costly. Instead of marketing and creating new products, your day is filled with stuffing and labeling packages - not to mention the time-consuming feat of getting everything to the post office. Get your time back and save some money by leaving your eCommerce shipping and fulfillment to the experts. Here are three ways you can cut your logistics costs by recruiting a 3PL.

Reduce Errors

The more inventory you have in-house, the more likely you’ll make a mistake with an order. And no customer wants to receive the wrong package. Not only will this lead to unhappy shoppers, but it will cost your business more to process multiple returns and issue refunds or exchanges. Eliminate the potential for order fulfillment errors by working with a professional shipping company. Since a 3PL has more manpower and technology than your in-house fulfillment method, it can easily pick, pack, and ship your orders without any potential issues. With the right shipping partner, you can easily guarantee your customers that they will receive their correct orders 100% of the time.

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Improve Order Turn Around and Delivery Time

In an Amazon-modeled world, consumers expect their orders to arrive in the blink of an eye. If you’re spending your time handpicking and packaging orders, you will not meet these expectations. Now take into account peak season volume and your business will quickly fall behind shipping demands. This could result in canceled orders or refunds, leaving your business eating the cost of multiple orders. Recruiting a reliable 3PL will help you achieve 100% next business day order turnaround and ensure your packages are delivered to customers within two days. 

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Provide Scalability for Growth and Peak Volume

Once you’ve outgrown your living room, you’ll likely start renting a small storage space. Unfortunately, this solution is temporary. As your business grows - especially during the upcoming peak season -  you will have to continuously move to bigger and bigger spaces. You’ll end up spending your time and money on moving inventory instead of making sales. A 3PL can help cost-effectively eliminate these issues. With access to multiple fulfillment centers, your business will never run out of room. You will have the ability to store and ship from anywhere in the country and always have space to manage your growing inventory.

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