3 Steps to Successful Surveys for Your eCommerce Store

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How important is creating successful eCommerce surveys for your online business?

Customer research is a critical part of any online business, especially an eCommerce store. While there are many ways of conducting research, the most common and generally most effective way is just to ask people what they want.

Would you like to see this car in neon green, for example, or would you prefer a dark blue?  Online retail surveys are a great way to ensure you are spending your resources on the areas that have the most potential to bring in more sales. Too often however, eCommerce surveys go out and get response rates in the single digits. So here are a few quick tips to ensure you are getting the most from your customer research initiatives by asking the right retail survey questions.

Ask Relevant Questions

Ask retail survey questions that will actually help improve your business! Creating the questions is the first thing you need to do with any survey, and one of the most important steps. But the longer your online retail surveys are, the less people will want to fill them out, so the number of questions you can ask is limited. That means avoiding questions that you want to ask but are not critical to your immediate goals! Figure out exactly what you want to learn before you start creating the survey, then craft questions that will move you towards answering them.

Make the Survey User-Friendly

Accessibility and ease of use is an important factor in increasing survey response rate. First, make sure the layout of your survey is designed in an intuitive manner, and that the instructions are clear. Is it a multiple choice survey, or do the respondents have to write answers? It's also essential that you avoid using jargon or complicated words when writing the actual questions and answers. The more people understand what you're asking, the more likely it is you'll get the data you're looking for.

Create Shorter Surveys or Offer a Reward

People have short attention spans, especially in the era of the internet, smartphones, and YouTube. The shorter your eCommerce surveys are, the more likely customers will be to fill them out. Of course, sometimes you need more detailed information, and that requires longer online retail surveys. In those cases, you can offer a reward for filling out a longer form. For example, coupons, raffles, and free products are typically used to encourage more respondents.

These are the simplest and more effective methods of increasing response rates on surveys. Depending on the industry, people will be more or less likely to respond. As with all things in business, test, test, and test again until you find what works for you.

Do you have any stories where a successful survey helped you make a decision?

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