3 Reasons Why Your KickStarter Project Needs eCommerce Fulfillment Services

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Why should you consider outsourced order fulfillment services for your KickStarter project?

Imagine this. Your KickStarter project exceeds its goals and becomes more successful than you thought it could. Everybody wants your new product, and you’re already thinking of new ideas!  New product lines, new team members, new locations: there’s just one problem. How are you going to get your incredibly nifty product to your customers?

Chances are you’re not looking forward to long days of packing orders and slapping on labels.

Luckily, there are people out there that will do it for you, and do a great job of it. They’re called eCommerce fulfillment service providers, and they take care of storing, picking, packing, and shipping your product to exactly where it needs to go as fast as possible.

Just in case you are the type that likes to wrap orders though, here are 3 really good reasons why you should consider using eCommerce fulfillment services anyway:

Maintain Control Over Your Fulfillment Services Without Micromanaging.

It’s not easy to fulfill hundreds of orders a week. To do it properly, you’d need an organized warehouse, an experienced fulfillment team, software integrated with your shopping cart, and good relationships with courier companies. None of these are cheap or easy to achieve, and a national fulfillment service operation must be constantly managed day in and day out. Luckily, it’s very possible to maintain control over your fulfillment with eCommerce fulfillment services. This can be accomplished if you choose a service with advanced order management technology. Some of these technologies will allow you to keep careful track of your orders, approve/disapprove specific orders, set low inventory alerts, and give you 24/7 cloud-based access from anywhere in the world. So you don’t need to worry about the problems that usually come with doing fulfillment, just on who you’re outsourcing it to. eCommerce fulfillment services give you the freedom to work on what you’re really interested in: the growth of your business.

Achieve Industry-leading Speed and Accuracy.

The ability to deliver packages quickly and accurately to their recipients is dependent on a number of factors. Speed is not only dependent on the quality of the workers working on picking, packing, and shipping, but also on the number of warehouses a fulfillment service provider uses, and where they are located around the US. A single online seller will find it difficult to maintain multiple warehouses around the country unless they are shipping incredible volume. The difference between an online seller shipping with one warehouse compared with several can be 2-4 business days, a lifetime in the world of online shopping. Consumers today expect their packages shipping on the same day, and delivered within 2 days. In terms of accuracy, top fulfillment service providers generally have accuracy rates of over 99.7%, meaning that 997 packages out of 1000 will get to their recipients undamaged with the right kinds of items and number of items in the box. Speed and accuracy of shipping is an important factor in customer satisfaction, and will help you drive customer loyalty and repeat business.

Cut Costs and Maximize Scalability.

Depending on what and how much you are shipping, in most cases eCommerce fulfillment services are cheaper than doing it yourself. Why? For one thing, top eCommerce fulfillment service providers ship millions of orders a year, and have the ability to standardize procedures, processing systems, and order materials in bulk. Similarly, due to the vast number of orders they ship every day, they are able to negotiate better shipping rates with courier companies like FedEx and UPS, which are then passed on to you, the customer.  Storing your inventory in multiple warehouses also reduced travel distance, and therefore cost of shipping.  Scale is also something you have to take into consideration, especially on Kickstarter. For example, if you happened to be shipping 500 order a month, a good fulfillment provider can easily handle your volume if it suddenly quadrupled, something that would be difficult to manage with an in-house operation.

Overall, using fulfillment services for your Kickstarter project can make your business run more smoothly, not to mention make your life a lot easier. If your new project happens to take off, you’ll be glad you took the time to ensure your products get to where they need to go, quickly and accurately.

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