3 Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Product

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Selling through social media, or s-commerce, is a relatively new phenomenon that has only become possible through the increasing prevalence and popularity of networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While the term generally refers to selling directly through a social media, in practice that is not the only way you can generate sales through social media. Learning how to promote your product on these new forms of media can bring in new customers you may not have reached before. Here are a few creative ways to promote a product on social media.

Start a Conversation

One way of encouraging sales is by connecting with and motivating your customers. The ways in which you can connect to your customers are practically endless, but they all boil down to this. Start a conversation. Unlike other channels of communication, social media is a two way street, and companies have to do more than talk: they have to listen. Get people interested in your brand and learn how to promote your product by asking questions, getting opinions on new products, holding contests, and highlighting customer responses. The more people that are interested in your brand, the more likely they are to pay attention to your new products, events, and promotions. Keeping your customers interested is one of the most important benefits of social media and s-commerce.

Encourage Recommendations

I mentioned in a recent blog post that 70% of social media users have recommended a product to their friends or family through social media. That’s an incredible statistic when you consider that two thirds of online adults use social media. Similarly, 90% of eCommerce buyers trust a recommendation when it comes from a friend or family member. So how does an eCommerce retailer take advantage of that? Make it easy to recommend your products. Post wall posts of your products on Facebook and tweet about it on twitter so users can easily share or re-tweet it. If someone says something good about one of your products, post it on your page so everyone can see. Get people excited about your product, make it easy to share, and watch the sales take off.

Sell Directly Through a Social Media Channel

The most obvious way of utilizing social media is to actually sell through social media with s-commerce. Some eCommerce stores have taken a social-only approach to selling, eschewing websites in favor of Facebook pages. They do this by using apps which allow people to purchase items directly on Facebook through Paypal or other payment processing services. Depending on the type of product you offer, this can be a great benefit to your business or it can flop. Social commerce makes up only a small percentage of all eCommerce buying, showing that the field is still in its infancy.  However, this aspect of social media is one that is evolving, and growing rapidly. Only a few days ago, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows people who buy on Facebook to share products and wishlists.

Selling online doesn’t just mean putting your products on the web. It means opening your virtual shop to a population that is more interconnected and savvy than any other, and learning how to promote a product on social media is a great way to turn that connection into a benefit for your company. If you don’t have a social presence already, make it the next step in your sales plan! Start taking advantage of S-Commerce opportunities by learning how to promote a product on social media.