2021 eCommerce Holiday Updates So Far

eCommerce Holiday

Every year, the holiday season is a time to rejoice and bring in new appliances, accessories, technology, and other items into the house. Things will, however, be even more fascinating in 2021. Thankfully, the world is nearing the end of the pandemic, and we are all getting ready to celebrate with our loved ones an eCommerce holiday plan in 2021. What could be a better time for online retailers to meet their revenue targets than now? Furthermore, when it comes to stats, they appear to be promising. From 4.28 trillion dollars in 2020 to 5.4 trillion dollars in 2021, global eCommerce sales will increase. Retailers must prepare ahead to make the most of this time. 

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Nontraditional and Omnichannel

Omnichannel shopping has been one of the most critical trends for marketers to embrace in 2021. Along with everything else that's exaggerated during the holiday shopping season, omnichannel will thrive even more than usual as a way to convert shoppers-especially the growing consumer base of Gen Z and Millennials. More than two out of every three Gen Z shoppers plan to shop via nontraditional channels this holiday season. Millennials are also expected to spend 10% more this year than last year on holiday items, while the average consumer will spend seven percent more year-over-year and high-income shoppers will spend 15% more. 

Surprise and delight with shipping options

According to many eCommerce experts from around the industry, retailers should expect a strong holiday season as consumer spending levels are projected to remain high. While consumer concerns about health and safety have eased since the last holiday season, pandemic-influenced shopping behaviors continue to gain traction. Retailers who remain resilient to shifting consumer behaviors and offer convenient options for online and in-store shopping, as well as shipping options, will be poised for growth this holiday season, and into the new year. 

Give shoppers what they want: Convenient options

The biggest trend this holiday season will be "convenience". Shoppers will be asking questions like, "can I order online, when and how I want? Can I pick it up at the store when I want? Can I reserve in the store and have the product waiting for me to try? Or can I get immediate delivery?" Retailers that develop strategies based on these queries will be in a great position for this holiday season. A clear plan to execute a great customer experience strategy would require you to:

  • Expand your sales channels 
  • Add BOPIS (buy online, pick in-store), which is a great option for shoppers who prefer to browse online, but also want the items in their possession on the same day.
  • Determine how you will carry out shipping and warehouse fulfillment
  • Create a memorable unboxing experience
  • Have a clear return policy

An extended, eCommerce-driven season

In-store, supply chain, and logistical uncertainties prompted retailers to kick off 2020 holiday efforts earlier than ever with online deals and promotions last October. Nearly half of shoppers surveyed started holiday shopping before and often in place of in-store doorbusters on Black Friday. This continued through the end of the year, especially online, driving a dramatic 47% increase in eCommerce sales during the traditional holiday season. We expect to see more digital acceleration with another extended, eCommerce-driven holiday shopping season in 2021. Pent-up demand may result in even earlier activity, so brands should start connecting with both loyal and new customers across digital and mobile channels now. 

Holiday eCommerce - Rakuten Super Logistics

Online ads and social media lure

Another eCommerce trend that has taken hold during the holiday season in the United States is the early promotion of online deals among retailers. The last quarter of the year usually counts as the most profitable period for retailers in the US. Therefore, early advertising has proven to be instrumental in tapping into the shoppers' buying potential. Behind online ads and promotional emails, social media ranks as the third leading source for introducing shoppers to special deals, making it a high-powered reach channel for marketers. 

eCommerce businesses can take advantage of working with a 3PL to deliver the best customer experience through fast and accurate fulfillment. They can also experience a profitable holiday campaign with help from logistics experts. Businesses will be able to execute the three core elements needed to run a successful holiday campaign. These include; operations, marketing, and customer service. And once you have all those teams on board and in sync, and your promotions and marketing channels are on point, then you are in good shape.

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