10 eCommerce Shipping Errors

10 eCommerce Shipping Errors

As an online retailer, shipping and fulfillment are a critical part of your business. Errors, also known as “Oh Ship” moments, can seriously affect the success of your online store. Over 75% of people are making online purchases at least once a month. With so many people heading to eCommerce businesses to shop, shipping mistakes can quickly add up. They can create unhappy customers, result in negative reviews, and lead to revenue loss. Here are the top ten shipping errors you should be aware of.

1. Late Deliveries

No one wants to receive late packages. Whether this is your shipping carrier’s error or a result of your fulfillment strategy, it can have a huge impact on your customers’ satisfaction. Over 50% of consumers will stop ordering from a business if their packages are late. 

2. Lost Packages

From customers to business owners, no one wants to deal with lost packages. Did your fulfillment partner lose your incoming shipment? Did your shipping carrier misplace your package? Either of these scenarios means bad news for your eCommerce business. 

3. Damaged Products

When customers receive a damaged package, it tells them your business didn’t care enough about the product they ordered. Even if the damage happened while on transit, it’s your reputation that suffers from this shipping mistake. Damages happen when outsourced partners don’t take pride in your products. They can also be a result of incorrect packaging selected by either you or your 3PL. Whatever the cause of the damage is, this shipping error will cost you customers.

4. Surprise Billing

Was your customer offered a discount on their shipping but still billed for the full amount? Did your shipping partner claim to have the lowest prices but then surprised you with a bigger bill? Incorrect discounts cause problems for both you and the customer. You could be increasing your monthly costs and even going over your budget with errors like these.

5. Wrong Tracking Number

The ability for customers to track their packages is imperative. They want to know exactly what happens from the time they hit “confirm payment” to the time the product arrives at their door. Receiving the wrong tracking number or no tracking number at all can make customers feel in limbo while waiting for their package to arrive. Does your shipping and fulfillment strategy fall short in this area? You could be sending your customers to competitors without even knowing. 

6. Multiple Charges

Online retailers spend hours perfecting their websites and customer experience. You should be applying this same attention to detail when it comes to your shipping. Are your customers constantly complaining about being charged twice for shipping? Errors like this communicate to your customers that your business is not trustworthy or cares about them. Whether the problem is caused by an in-house or outsourced error, it’s imperative to resolve it fast and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

7. Incorrect Delivery Address

Have you ever received someone else’s package that was a few digits away from your house number? Although it sounds like a simple “Oh Ship” mistake, an incorrect address can cost your business more in the long run. If the person who received the package chooses not to return it, you will be stuck paying for a new product to be sent out to your customer, while eating the cost of the previous order.

8. Incorrect Billing Address 

Are you handling labels and accounting on your own? If so, you may have experienced billing the wrong address for shipping. This common error can set back your entire order fulfillment process. Now, you will have to deal with possible bank errors, customer complaints, and may end up with extra costs. 

9. Incorrect Package Weight

Carriers have set weight limits and costs associated with shipping packages. Do you know the weight of the products you’re sending out? Mislabeling or errors in weight will incur extra shipping costs. You can’t expect customers to make up the difference. Instead, you will be stuck footing the bill.

10. Carrier Fees

Shipping carriers make price increases on a yearly basis. Are you up-to-date on carrier shipping fees? Similar to errors in package weight, underestimating carrier fees will also leave you with unexpected costs.

Shoppers who have a negative experience with a business, such as shipping errors, are more than 50% less likely to make a future purchase. Eliminating shipping mistakes, big and small, is the key to retaining customers and running a successful eCommerce business. A reliable partner like Rakuten Super Logistics can help stop these mishaps and scale your business.

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