New Year’s Resolutions for Mountain Region eCommerce Retailers

Mountain Region eCommerce Retailers

As we head into the new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and identify where your business can make improvements. Here are our top suggestions to help you keep your business thriving in the coming year.

Use an Omnichannel Approach

Simplicity and ease of shopping is the biggest need for your Mountain Region customers. Using an omnichannel approach can help streamline your business. No matter what platform your customers are using to learn about your products, they can easily move through the buying process with this method. It helps connect all of the touchpoints you may be using to reach consumers. Whether it’s a social ad, newsletter, live chat, or email, everything is connected in the omnichannel approach. Not only will this boost customer loyalty, but it will also help increase your sales and traffic.

Improve Communication with Customers

Great customer service is the key to a successful eCommerce store. Your Mountain Region customers are looking for a personalized experience and expert care. Simple ways to improve your customer experience in the coming year is by incorporating more ways for consumers to quickly connect with you. Live chats for example are a great tool you can use on your website or social channels. You can use a bot or a live person to help answer questions quickly and provide shopping suggestions. Installing FAQs on your site is another tactic you can use to increase your response time. If you are unable to reach customers within 24-hours, try using these methods or recruiting a dedicated customer service team.

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Create a Responsive Site

70% of Mountain Region consumers prefer to use mobile-optimized sites to make their online purchases. These optimizations also include site speed, navigation, and searchability. The simpler the site, the easier it is for customers to shop. Complications in the checkout process or errors in search can lead to cart abandonment. Focus on modifying these areas to help improve your customers’ experiences in the new year.

Diversify Shipping and Fulfillment

eCommerce sellers faced many challenges in 2020, including shipping and fulfillment. Those using Fulfillment by Amazon were unable to sell non-essential items and restock their holiday inventory. Other retailers faced even more challenges in getting their merchandise from manufacturers. Avoid repeating these same issues in 2021 by diversifying your shipping and eCommerce fulfillment. By using multiple fulfillment strategies, you can ensure all of your inventory is not stuck in one place and that your business is protected.

Communication, shipping, fulfillment, and your website are all key aspects of your business. Focus on improving these areas to reach more of your customers, increase your sales, and start the new year strong.

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