Creating a Culture of Gratitude for Business Success

Gratitude for Business Success

To our customers, constituents, partners and vendors we send our most heartfelt wishes for a Happy and Fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday.The word “thanksgiving” is defined as the expression of gratitude. Historically, on Thanksgiving Day, Americans have gathered with family and friends to celebrate the national holiday by expressing gratitude for the harvest and returns of the preceding year.And then there’s turkey. Plenty of turkey.Thanksgiving began as a way for people to gather and celebrate their achievements and acknowledge those who played a part in their success, on both business and personal levels. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is only celebrated once a year. However, numerous studies and research on gratitude have revealed that giving thanks throughout the year can lead to greater success and increased satisfaction and well-being.Here at Rakuten Super Logistics we believe in creating a culture of gratitude in the workplace. The team leaders at RSL work diligently to foster and maintain a culture of value and appreciation that includes our staff, vendors, partners and customers.As part of our workplace culture we rely on the Rakuten Five Principles for Success. One of those principles encourages our staff to strive to be Passionately Professional. Passionately Professional individuals embrace the level of professionalism necessary to achieve their most challenging goals.Each department at RSL hosts daily meetings, at the start of each meeting employees take turns sharing their good news and achievements from the previous day.  This not only keeps everyone informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings, it also provides opportunities for staff to receive and give congratulations and acknowledgement on a daily basis.An additional benefit of creating a culture of gratitude in the workplace is that those who express and receive sentiments of gratitude are better able to cope with and overcome stressful situations. By investing in a culture of empowerment and gratitude our staff are motivated to do their best, and work towards achieving the company’s goals.One of those goals is incorporated in another Rakuten Success Principle: Maximize Customer Satisfaction. At RSL our staff is committed to providing the highest quality customer service that exceeds our customer’s needs and expectations. Everything that we do is guided by our goal to Delight the Customer.If you are one of our customers, we hope that we continue to deliver the highest level of fulfillment, shipping and customer service to you and your business. If you are not yet a customer we hope that we one day have the opportunity to provide you with fulfillment services that are absolutely delightful. If you are one of our partners or vendors we thank you for your support and contributions which help us succeed in providing the best service to our customers.Happy Thanksgiving to you and best wishes for a happy and prosperous holiday season.